Porcelain tiles are our newest range of paving and are perfect for extending from inside into your garden due to the external and internal finishes available. 

Porcelain is a man-made product formed from natural materials which are moulded then baked in a kiln at high temperatures. This process ensures the tile is extremely hard with very low porosity. Due to its density we advise against sealing porcelain as the sealant will not penetrate the tile and create a film on the surface which can become patchy and dirty. Porcelain is a great product to give a consistent, contemporary feel to any outside space.

The tiles should never be butt jointed as this can cause breakage under expansion or contraction. Porcelain should be laid with a joint space of at least 2mm (depending on which grout you’re using).

Porcelain is made in batches. If, in the event you need to order more tiles, we may have difficulty in getting the same batch as your initial order which can cause variations in colour. To avoid this, when ordering please check measurements and always allow for 10% wastage.

Should you need to cut porcelain tiles then we highly recommend using a porcelain grade diamond blade.